Quality management

Privatklinik Bethanien meets the highest quality standards and at the same time strives to constantly improve. Independent third parties check compliance with the standards and provide suggestions for improvements. Among other things, we have ourselves regularly audited by Swiss Leading Hospitals and the ISO certification body and in return receive a certificate of excellence confirming that we meet above-average quality standards.

The Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH)

For this certificate Privatklinik Bethanien must fulfil the SLH Excellence Profile. This comprises quality criteria that go beyond the basic criteria of EFQM and ISO 9001. As an SLH member, Privatklinik Bethanien focuses on the well-being and individual needs of its patients. At this point, top medical services are combined with personal care in a high-quality environment. The result is a tangible quality for our patients that can bear the attribute BEST IN CLASS.

ISO certification 9001:2015

In December 2018, Privatklinik Bethanien successfully completed the ISO initial certification 9001:2015 of the certification body Swiss Safety Center AG. The certification forms the basis for a continuous improvement process of our internal quality management system. As a result the transparency of operational processes can be increased. It also defines the requirements with regard to customer needs and product and service quality. Due to the certification our procedures and processes now comply with national and international standards.

National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ)

ANQ is the National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics. It coordinates and implements quality measurements in acute somatic medicine, rehabilitation and psychiatry in Switzerland. Privatklinik Bethanien takes part in the ANQ surveys every year. The results enable the clinic to compare itself with hospitals and clinics nationwide and help to take targeted measures to improve the patient experience.

Swiss Implant Registry (SIRIS)

Based on the national quality contract between ANQ and member clinics, SIRIS (the Swiss implant register for hip and knee prostheses) was introduced in 2012. Privatklinik Bethanien reports all knee and hip implants inserted. The aim is to provide patients with the best possible care in terms of quality and safety. Privatklinik Bethanien uses the results for quality comparison with other hospitals and to ensure the quality of individual products.

National Centre for Infection Prevention (Swissnoso)

Swissnoso is dedicated to reducing multi-resistant germs and infections that may occur during a stay or treatment in a hospital. Privatklinik Bethanien continuously monitors the number of infection cases and reports the results to Swissnoso.

Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS)

The Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) of Privatklinik Bethanien allows anonymous reporting of critical incidents and damages that almost occurred. All employees of Privatklinik Bethanien are required to report impending critical incidents or incidents that have already occurred without delay. The aim of the CIRS system is to prevent or remedy such events before they no longer can be corrected and cause long-term damage. Errors that lead to CIRS reports can occur in various procedures:

  • Dispensing of medication
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Compliance with regulations (e.g. hygiene)
  • Compliance with standard procedures (e.g. team time out in the operating room)
  • Use of technical equipment

The Bethanien Private Clinic always uses CIRS reports as an opportunity for sustainable process improvements.

Patient surveys

Patients are our top priority. After each stay, we and the company mecon ask our patients how they experienced their stay at the Privatklinik Bethanien. The first-class medical care provided by our affiliated doctors and the nursing care are the most important aspects. No less important are well-being aspects such as the limousine service, the range of hotel services, the culinary delights and the flawless processes from admission to discharge.

Feedback from our patients is important and provides valuable information on how we can continuously improve the patient experience. We are proud of the fact that almost 100% of patients choose to stay at Privatklinik Bethanien again. This reflects the consistently high satisfaction of our patients.

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest online review portals. Among other things, users can freely rate restaurants and view millions of recommendations. Every month, 390 million users visit the site. Until today, more than 435 million reviews and opinions have been given on 6.8 million accommodations, restaurants and sights. One of these rated restaurants is the "Bethania Park" of the Privatklinik Bethanien. The customer reviews on Trip Advisor reflect the popularity of the restaurant and its reputation for high-class cuisine and excellent service. The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Zurich. Check out the latest review of Restaurant Bethania Park on Tripadvisor.

Occupational safety and health protection from H+

Neben rund 200 Spitälern und Kliniken ist seit dem Jahr 2016 auch die Privatklinik Bethanien Mitglied bei der Branchenlösung und implementiert die Vorgaben im laufenden Kalenderjahr. 

H+, together with the employee organisations in the healthcare sector, has developed an industry solution for implementing the legal provisions on occupational health and safety. It is a simple concept that can be implemented quickly. A web-based tool is used for hazard identification in clinics and hospitals. A sustainable implementation of occupational safety includes the fulfilment of legal requirements, reduction of safety risks, improvement of working conditions as well as a reduction of absenteeism. In addition to around 200 hospitals and clinics, Privatklinik Bethanien has also been a member of the industry solution since 2016 and is implementing the guidelines on an ongoing basis.


Quality & Hygiene
Hospital hygiene is one of the basic elements of successful hospitalisation. Hospital hygiene is designed to provide patients with the necessary security. It deals with the recognition, recording and prevention of nosocomial infections (infections acquired in hospital).

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